Zaption is shutting down. Thankfully, educators have alternatives

For those looking to replace Zaption, Vizia is a viable alternative for creating interactive video content.

Zaption was just acquired by the HR behemoth Workday, to be implemented into their new learning management system focused on large corporate training. It will be shutting down on September 30, 2016.

At Teachable, we were fans of and inspired by Zaption — so much so that during our hack week, our team set out to build a free, simpler alternative that’s better suited for online course platforms and LMSes. After 5 (sleepless) days of consuming unfathomable amounts of caffeine and doling out high-fives like champions, we launched Vizia.

Like Zaption, Vizia lets you overlay quizzes, open responses, surveys, and call-to-actions on your videos, making them more engaging and interactive. Something unique to Vizia is lead capturing — the ability to optionally “gate” your video and ask for an e-mail address, turning your content into a lead magnet.


Unlike Zaption, we’re a part of a larger company, Teachable, and we’re not focused on selling the product or being acquired.

We knew we’d built something a few people might find useful, but just a few hours after launch, we were caught off-guard by the love we received on ProductHunt, and by users who told us they were thrilled about such a free alternative. Of course, at that point in time, we’d never imagined Zaption would shut down and leave us being one of the only viable alternatives in the interactive video space.

As we start to take on this mantle, we’d like to welcome past and present users of Zaption. According to Zaption’s FAQ, you have until the end of September to move your content to an alternative, and rest assured, we’re working hard on building painless ways to import your lessons from Zaption (more on that, soon!). If you need any help in the meantime, don’t be afraid to get in touch with us.

Before you make the switch, you may be wondering who we are.

We’re Teachable, a venture-backed New York City-based startup that helps people build and sell online courses. We’re built with immense amounts of love for online teachers and course builders, so a product like Vizia helps our users and our market as a whole.

Going forward, Vizia will help us innovate and change the way people consume instructional content, both inside and outside our platform. And as much as we’ll miss Zaption, we’re thrilled to be taking on the mantle.